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Sometimes things get so busy that I don't find time to design & add new products to the store.  I love adding new things, finding new quotes to add, doing invitations for different parties and ... finally!  FINALLY I had some time to design & to list new things! : )

I have three new prints & a new invitation in the store!

Know a sweet boy that's a great brother or going to be a brother?  This "sometimes being a brother is even better than being a super hero!" is the perfect things!
Click HERE to see it at or HERE to find it at

You can never be overdressed or overeducated --- guys I stinkin love this quote!  It's actually in my office b/c I love the message --- look classy, take pride in yourself, and always want to better yourself and learn more.  GREAT for a graduate, a dorm room, or an office!
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"And though she be but little she is fierce!" -- Shakespeare knew how to put it right?  I love this quote for SO many different purposes, for someone having a new baby girl, or even a friend that isn't very ... tall! haha.  Or guys, a preemie baby?  Wouldn't this be so incredible for that Momma to receive?
Click HERE to find on or HERE to find at

A rustic / mason jar / cute phrased engagement party?  Can it GET any better? :)
This invitation can be found HERE on

Remember if you ever need a custom design or invitation, I can always do that too!  I always do affordable prices b/c I'm ALWAYS looking to expand the shop so email me at

Have a great week!

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