Crock Pot Queso

I love my husband.  I love him because he's so patient.  He's hardworking.  He's kind. He's sexy as heck.  AND ... he introduced this queso recipe to me.

This crock pot recipe yields THE BEST Super Bowl queso (or cheese dip as people here in Arkansas say). We make it to go with enchiladas, any time we have a pot luck party, and it's just awesome on any occassion.  Oh and, it is SO easy.

I thought about never sharing this recipe and keeping it as a Lacefield family secret, but felt like being nice today.  It's a miracle!


- a package of velveeta
- a can of rotel
- a can of cream of chicken soup
- a roll of breakfast sausage
- a few tablespoons of milk

Directions (ridiculously short)

- brown the sausage on the stovetop

-  cut up the velveeta in to little squares
- dump all the ingredients in the crock pot

- cook on low for about 2 hours (or until well melted)
- put in some milk to make it nice & smooth


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