23 Weeks Pregnant

I'm roughly 26 weeks pregnant and just posting about my 23 week pregnant chalkboard.  On top of things much? I've learned that with baby #3 things run more slowly.  Literally ... I walk more slowly, I sit down more slowly, you get it.  One thing that isn't slow though?  My belly growth!  I'm HUGE.  I know people always say that, but at 23 weeks, I'm the same size as when I was 32 weeks pregnant with my first and 29 with my second!  YIKES!  I think we've got a big boy in there! :)

With my other daughters, I did weekly belly pictures and have really enjoyed looking back on them.  Now that my oldest is four, she loves looking through them and seeing how Mommy's belly got so big!  I knew that taking a weekly picture this time would be difficult since hubby is working all the time and doesn't get home until way past bedtime, so I wanted something special, unique, and still manageable!

Hubby and I built a big chalkboard for baby boy's nursery that is well secured above the crib.  I plan on writing his monthly milestones there when he's born, but why not use it in the mean time?

So there I am at 23 weeks!  YIKES!  I can't imagine how much more I'll grow! :)  But as he's kicking right now and going crazy as I type, I know it's all worth it.

To make the chalkboard, we measured the size that we wanted the chalkboard (I can't remember the exact dimensions but I think it's about 2 feet by 3 feet).  Hubby had a big piece of wood in the garage and I sanded it and painted with 2 coats of chalkboard paint.  Then I primed it (meaning you run the chalk over the entire area and then wipe off).  We bought some wood siding at Home Depot (cost was $10) and stained it with some stain we had around the house.  So the entire project cost us $10 and will make for tons of fun!

One afternoon while the girls read books in the teepee we have in baby brother's room, I started designing the chalkboard.  I don't know if I'll keep a similar style for the next or not, but in the mean time, this was fun!

I use plain anti-dust Crayola chalk and had a wet rag for the many mistakes I made.  I didn't sketch this out somewhere, this is a fun rememberance and wasn't meant to stress me out!

I'll probably do another shot in a couple weeks so I can chronicle the growth and will post those here too. :)  In the mean time, I'll keep waddling around and have people telling me "wow you're about to pop!" to then seem really embarrassed when I say "nope, still have 3.5 months left."

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