Welcome to the Lacey Fields blog!  I'm Cristina Lacefield and I'm the lady behind everything Lacey Fields! Lacey Fields is a business all about prints for homes, weddings, parties, and any event in between.  We also do invites for every occasion and some stationary to boot.  It's just flat out fun!  Go here to shop around: www.laceyfields.com OR on etsy at www.laceyfields.etsy.com.

About me though!  Let's hear the juicy gossip right?

Well I love pizza.  Pizza hut pizza in particular.  But we did just have a Marcos open near our home and it might have taken over Pizza Hut. Watch out PH!

I also love baking.  LOTS.  My daughter and I bake on a weekly basis.  It's just what we do on Sundays.  And then we eat it.

I have two gorgeous little gals who make me smile constantly.  They're 3 and 1.  Above and beyond it all though, there's my brilliant hubby who I laid eyes on and swooned my first day of high school.  We're high school sweeties and the guy is a hunk. Fo real.  AND get this ... he's the nicest person you've ever met too (I may be biased because he's a total sucker for things regarding his wife and his gals).  I lover him.

What's this blog all about?

Well first off, I'll share ANY and ALL promotions I'm having over at the website (laceyfields.com) or on etsy (laceyfields.etsy.com).

 I'll also share any DIY project we have going around the house b/c I'm a believer that creativity can be found in so many ways --- prints, painting, or a hammer.

The last  thing I plan on sharing?  Well ... your heart will be happy.  Your pants might feel a bit together.  But it will be WORTH IT --- I'll share TONS of cookies, bars, cakes, brownies, etc recipes with sweet pictures (I might even snap a picture of my daughter sticking her head in the kitchen aid bowl to lick it clean ... don't ask me who taught her that).

Thanks for stopping by!  Email me any time with questions about the blog, store, recipes, DIY and design advice --- design@laceyfields.com

PEACE and GIG 'EM! (you're dealing with an Aggie, it's true)

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