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Like the new look? I don't just like it ... I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!!! I used Brea from I've worked with her before and she's just awesome. You know it's good when I don't even ask for a change of any sort ... : ) EEEEK! PROGRESS people, I'm lovin' it (as said in McDonalds commercials). SO now that the blog is here, I can share more about my true plans for it. ANYTIME Lacey Fields has a sale, I'll announce it here, whether it's on the website ( or on etsy (

As you saw yetserday, the hubs and I have taken to using hammers, paint brushes, and such around the house.  Since Lacey Fields is all about decor, invites, and just fun stuff, the DIY projects fit seamlessly in to this plan!  So as the DIY projects get done and we learn the hard way, I'll post here! (for instance: I have a master bedroom and powder bathroom that I can show you guys soon)  The other thing I plan on revealing?  Some of my secret baking recipes!  Eventually I would love to own a Lacey Fields store with a bakery on the side.  As a result, I bake.  LOTS.  Weekly, at least.  So I have tried the best of the best and tweaked when necessary.  Get excited.  In particular, I make these caramel peanut butter chocolate brownies.  Holy moly.  I'll share them soon.

In the mean time, salivate, look around, and enjoy! :)

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