New Prints (states, marriage, dates, y mas!)

In a dream world, I'd design all day long, relax all day long, eat 20 cupcakes a day without gaining a pound, and fulfill all orders to 150% satisfaction.  But it isn't a perfect world right?

However, I live in MY perfect world -- I was fortunate enough to finally have time to design last week while the hubby was on vacation (and therefore took care of dinner, laundry, etc on a daily basis since he wasn't working all the time), I got to relax at the movies last week (the Fifth Estate!  GOOD stuff!), I made some delicious cupcakes and have put quite a few in my belly (the weight part isn't important since I don't dare step on the scale!), and orders are coming in as always and I just LOVE helping people through Christmas gifts, birthdays, or any other occassion.

Now for these new prints!  They're pretty all around there ... all unique, all fun, and all designed with love for you! :)

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All marriages and relationships take work right? Well write out those rules and remember to always kiss good morning & goodnight.

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Hubby and I became aunt and uncle to our 2nd nephew last week and it is so true ... thank heaven for little boys!  So sweet, so cuddly, and so thankful!

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A personalized love story focusing on the words that describe it all!  Such a fun and unique twist on those important dates.

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Similar to print above, but focused on when it isn't only you two!

Made In...
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 It's always so fun being proud of where you're from! This print highlights where sweet baby is from so they'll always know the important state in their life. 

ENJOY shopping around and remember (don't panic) ... but ... Christmas is only 2 months away!


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