Pumpkin Painting Extravaganza

My husband's favorite time of year is fall.  As a result, we've carved pumpkins for over 6 years and had our 3rd annual pumpkin painting extravaganza this weekend!

Each year we have more fun as our girls get to enjoy more and more!

My youngest, G, really had a great time this year --- as you can see.

Bath time. STAT!

For our 3 year old, L, we actually had her give us a work of art this year!  I just took masking tape and made an L with it (for her first AND our last name).  Then I told her to go to town!

Look at that painting pumpkin focus!

One recommendation I have is telling the kiddos to paint in different areas.  If they go over the same area you'll just have an ugly brown pumpkin.  L was patient (which is kinda a miracle) and painted in different areas.  She got to choose the colors and had a blast.  I think out of the three pumpkins, hers was my favorite.

Here's L posing with our masterpieces!  From left to right -- the hubby (boys aren't quite as patient huh? BUT it's actually so cute on a table on our porch!  A simply painted ghost pumpkin is kinda essential).  L's is in the middle and as you can see, it came out just amazing!  I waited about 30 minutes after she was done to remove the tape and it was so crisp.  Mine was the one on the right!

All I did with mine was paint the entire thing white and wait a couple hours.  Then I thought about taping the lines for the chevron but decided --- NO. THANK. YOU!  haha.  This is supposed to be a fun day for us so I just did the Chevron in gold by hand.  I waited 30 minutes and then wrote BOO in a Sharpie marker.  Then I went and painted in black on top of that.  VOILA!  
L's pumpkin is the first one anyone sees when they come to the door and she's just in love with it!

Happy October!

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