Did you miss that our website launched last week?  IT DID!  And I'm so in love with it.  Sometimes I just type laceyfields.com in to my search bar so I can smile at it again --- kidding ... ok not kidding.  Not one bit.

Remember we have a grand opening sale of 25% off EVERYTHING with coupon code LAUNCH25.  BIGGEST sale we've ever had and honestly probably ever will!  I'm that psyched.

Anyway, not the reason for my posting today (see told you I'm still excited about this all).  Lacey Fields has been featured on a website talking about ways to make your wedding affordable! SO big these days.  Dear lordy, weddings are pricey.  Not going to lie, ours wasn't cheap.  It's HARD people!  But now that I do what I do, I certainly would have done my invites myself.  They're cheaper, they're more unique, they can be what you want ...

take a look at the other ideas she came up with too!  We're planning on doing a vow renewal for our 10 year anniversary so you can bet I'm gonna pin this post b/c I want unique and affordable all at the same time!


THANKS for featuring Lacey Fields!

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