It's here ... it's finally here! is finally up and running!

Guys I'm not kidding, my emotions today ran from "oh my goodness I'm so excited I could burst!" to "holy moly, this part isn't working ok" to "oh I fixed that, we're good" back to "first order!  YAY! SO excited" and "holy moly, now this past isn't working" ... etc.

This having a website thing is serious stressful EXHILARATING business.  I feel like this makes the business just take on a whole new level and I can't wait to see where it goes.

To celebrate I'm doing a grand opening sale: 25% off your ENTIRE purchase (this is the biggest sale I've ever had since the store opened 18 months ago) with coupon code LAUNCH25.  Good until September 10th.

Go shop.  Go explore (is it sad that the word explore made me think of Dora?  Oh the joys of being a Mommy to two little girls!).  Go be inspired.  I can't wait to help make YOUR invitation or make a print to make your house or event PERFECT! :)

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