Oh nothing, just running around..

WHEW I tell you what, I've definitely bitten off a little more than I can chew recently.  I always seem to do this ... I think of tons of things I want to do.


And I'm 100% for a few days and then .... CRASH!!!!

For instance, last week I worked out everyday, ate well, worked hard on the website every evening, repainted our front door and garage with the husband (bless his patient heart), and was just upbeat about it all.  Sunday evening I felt the "oh my's" coming on.  You know ... the "I CAN'T DO IT ANY LONGER!" feeling.

So tonight here I am, nearly at midnight PUSHING myself to keep going with this website.  I didn't exercise and I had an exorbitant amount of ice cream (totally worth it, YUMMY!).

I also have a half painted stairway (b/c I thought I'd throw that in there yesterday afternoon too!)

Tomorrow will be another day though right?  And the website is truly coming along and looking so beautiful! It's tough work, I'm not going to lie!  Really rough.  I design..  I create.  I DO. NOT. CODE. HA!

That stuff is for people much more patient than I.  And for night owls (which you can't really be when you're a Mommy with great sleeping children that need to be at school bright and early).

But for the last few weeks and for the next few I'm guessing, this will be our evening routine: put girls to sleep, eat ice cream, work on website, count my lucky stars b/c my husband is definitely a big part of Lacey Fields and a true team player (and seriously, he's a cutie patootie too!), go to sleep happy with the world, ready to tackle it for tomorrow!

THANKS for the support!

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