What to Wear for Family Photos

A week and a half ago, we got our family photos taken.  I typically stress so much about what to wear for family photos --- how should we dress?  Similarly?  The same colors?  How cohesive?  Oh wait, is that too cohesive? Yeah, you get the point.

Normally I find the girls outfits first.  It's really easy to find cute girl clothing.  But when it comes to the hubby's outfit and my outfit?  I usually just get something boring and the photos look nice, but lackluster.

This year I figured I would do the same as usual, but decided to give it a whirl at Old Navy.  When you have 2 little ones, time isn't exactly easy to come by.  I was able to swing by without kiddos in tow and knew that I had to take advantage.

And, I really lucked out!  Everything below is from Old Navy ... it was great to find the coheisve look that Old Navy had intentionally made as their color pallets, without having to just be "black, white, and jeans" like we typically do.

Here are some tips I've learned:

(1) don't be set on a color palette first.  The stores will kinda dictate what you can do.  Instead, think of the time of year (don't buy the outfits over the summer if you're taking pictures in December, etc)
(2) don't forget Mommy & Daddy!  We always want the kids to look great, but it's important to make sure Mom and Dad look nice too, especially so you'll be able to take a picture with just you two.
(3) I think I prefer it when the girls don't match exactly.  As you can see, the dresses are similar, but not the same.  I like that.  The girls LOVE matching and typically, for an average day, I'm all for that.  But here, the contrast is nice for the photos.

Now I can't wait to see the photos and design our Christmas cards!

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