Our Pumpkins from the Pumpkin Patch

Halloween was just about as perfect as it gets this year.  The hubby was able to join us, the weather was perfect, the girls really got in to the spirit, and we had tons of plans! :-)

A couple months ago, we asked our older girl what she wanted to be and immediately her answer was "I want G and I to be pumpkins!" 

After buying their costumes (thanks Amazon), we threw them in the closet and didn't even put the outfits together until Halloween ... but guys ... it was a success.  A huge success.  There was so much cuteness that while we were taking photos, multiple people driving by stopped in front of our house to see them.

 (this may or may not be the background on my phone right now ...)

 When they were standing, you noticed the little booties on G more.  They both loved their costumes. "I love Mr. Halloween!  He made G and I in to beautiful pumpkins!"

The hubby always insists we dress up as a family theme, and I just think it's so adorable that he's in to it that much.  He actually had the idea of how to accomplish that with our pumpkin requests...

Look what we found at the pumpkin patch! 
We are pumpkin farmers and had to roll them around in the wheelbarrow b/c those pumpkins were HEAVY! :-)

The girls school had a BIG Halloween celebration so we went to that first.  Then we left early to go to our neighborhoods "trunk or treat" party.  Everyone goes to the pool parking lot and people put games & candy in their trunks. It's tons of fun! THEN, as if those two weren't enough, we did the traditional "trick or treating."

I'm going to say this loud and clear: I MISS the trick or treating from the old days!  The parties are fun, but what ever happened to kids roaming the streets?  I think there is something so nice about seeing your neighbos, getting to know them, ringing on their door bells to say hello.  I know there are safety concerns, but I'm just saying the idea of the neighborhood coming together like that is a beautiful thing. 

After putting the girls to bed, hubby and I went out on our porch with apple cider in tow, and carved the spookiest, Haunted House you've ever seen! :-)

All in all, a fabulous Halloween!  Already excited to celebrate again next year!

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