Christmas Card Collection

I love Christmas time.  It's true.  Everyone is so friendly, people get together just for the sake of saying hello, and the Christmas cards ... oh the Christmas cards. 

I LOVE getting Christmas cards in the mail.  I always keep them the entire season in a box my Mom painted and love seeing how everyone's family has grown.

I think people might be sending less cards because of stamp prices or how often people use Facebook.  But the thing is, it's not the same!  You need it in hand.  And if stamps are too pricey, email out a Christmas card!

This year I had a goal of designing 10 Christmas cards for Lacey Fields and so far I'm at 7.  I might finish the other 3, not too sure yet, but that being said, I'm thrilled with the variation of them!  Take a look around and remember that they're 20% off for another 4 days ... hey that is DEFINITELY less than stamps so I can print them for you & you'll be spending tons less!

ALL the Christmas cards can be found HERE and HERE!

A sweet and simple card just to say "may your days be merry."   
This is my hubby's favorite of all the designs this year.  I love the simplicity yet modern twist with the chalkboard.

Year in review cards are all the rage this year and with reason!  I love being able to tell family what we've been up to and including some pictures while at it!

The perfect card for newlyweds!  Too sweet!  Simple yes, but also so powerful!

CUTE CUTE this ho ho ho y'all Christmas card is sure to have people giggle and you get to showcase 4 of your favorite pictures as well!

When you take pictures with kids, things happen! HA!  It's just a fact of life, so why not highlight that?  You choose the adjectives to match your pictures and your family and friends will LOVE the unique card!

The second year in review card ... a little sleeker and more graphic, but still SO SO cute!

And there ya have it!  Like I said, you can find ALL of these either at:

OR on etsy

YAY Holiday time!

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