For The Teachers

It's been nearly 2 weeks since the last post, but mainly because those Christmas orders are really starting to come in and that means Lacey Fields is BUSY! :-)  Christmas cards, gifts, stationery ... truly, I am SO grateful that these wonderful customers enable me to have my dream job!  THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I have designed a few new prints and to say I'm in love with this look is an understatement.  I love BRIGHT colors.  In my house, for my wardrobe, and in my art.  The beautiful thing about this job I have is that it's ever evolving.  No such thing as getting bored when I have about a zillion (ok, ok, maybe a million) ideas swirling through my mind.

One BIG Christmas gift I wanted to tackle and perfect this year was for the teachers.  Coming from someone that worked in administration and as an instructor for nearly 2 years, I know just how hard teachers work.  They have, in my opinion, one of the hardest and most important jobs I can imagine!  My two little gals have amazing teachers.  They nurture them, teach them, and are basically their Mommy #2 while I work!

I scoured the internet for the perfect quote and then I found it and designed away ...

And how true is it?  Hubby and I are SO grateful to these two wonderful ladies for how much they do for our family! :-)  I'm printing this out and putting in a pretty white frame as a Christmas gift for them and just know they're going to love it!

My favorite part is the personalization ... they can put it in their classroom and can treasure for years to come!

The 8x10 can be found here:

The 11x14 can be found here:

With the Holiday season starting, remember to drink lots of apple cider in front of the fire and cuddle with loved ones.  :-)

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