The Kitchen Makeover

You probably think we've been lazy here at Lacey Fields.  While some nights that's true (we just don't have it in us to DIY EVERY day or week for that matter!), that isn't the case.  We've been busy redoing our kitchen the last 6 weeks and while it might take some 2 weeks to do this work, it takes us longer.  The kids, the unforeseen circumstances (such as holes in the ceiling, yes you read that correctly), the husband's job (this one is probably the biggest reason we can't work on evenings), and the fact that we just finished Breaking Bad, all contribute. ;)

When we first moved in to our house, we really were big fans of the kitchen.  But you know how things go.  When you start LIVING there, you realize you wish a few things were different.  And then you go on Pinterest.  You know Pinterest right?  That website that EVERYONE loves / hates?  I love it b/c it gives me fascinating ideas and let's me be creative. I also hate it b/c it gives me fascinating ideas and let's me be creative.

 The before shot.  Our living room no longer looks like this and neither does my office in the background, but this gives you an idea to where the problems started.  Do you see just how DARK it is?  This photo was taken in the middle of the day!  We needed some LIGHT and to OPEN things up!

And this is how it started.  You can see a hubby just getting home from a hospital (and the wifey already putting him to work! haha).  My brother was fortunately visiting at Thanksgiving (hubby had to work so my family was kind enough to keep us company while he was gone) so we put him to work too.  With a BIG mess, lots of sippy cups (4 babies in a house will do that!), and about 45 minutes to work, they took this cabinet and banquet down.

I must admit that pulling the banquet down was the husband's idea.  For starters, the construction

on it (not done by us) wasn't done to our liking and would show many areas if we painted.  Also, it just closed things off SO much!  We'd only be losing one cabinet of storage (that we have a solution for, stay tuned) ... SO ... DOWN it went!

Once they removed that a few issues arose (as always happens with DIY projects right?).  The lights hadn't been properly installed and were wired through a cabinet and plugged in (according to the electrician that came, this was a major fire hazard.  Thank goodness we fixed this!)

ALSO ... there were HOLES in the ceiling!  We don't know why, who, what, when ... they're a mystery that obviously had to be fixed.

We went to Home Depot and bought these three lights.  We didn't even CONSIDER DIYing the electric work ourselves.  After calling 3 electricians, we found one we really liked and he did an amazing job.  If you live in AR and need a reference, email me!

  After that, this is what things looked like!
(forgive the 3 year old in the pic ... she was caring for her Amarylis).
 SO much more open! SO much fresher.  And SO much work left to do! :)

As of today, we're about 75% done with stage 1 of the makeover right now (the kitchen doesn't have holes, and the cabinets look WAY different!) so I have more updating for you and will be back soon.  STAY tuned! :)

PS Step 2 might have something to do with these gaping holes that terrified me for 4 weeks ...

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  1. Judging on the picture of your kitchen, a renovation is the right solution. Your kitchen really needed a good light source. It’s a good thing that your husband is quite a handyman and was able to handle all the work. I just hope you can ask for more help to lessen the stress on your family, and also to finish it immediately and properly.




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