forgive the snoring lady

In a business, keeping up with social media is really important.  And, I suck at it.  BIG time!

Typically I'm just so busy fulfilling orers and my top priority is customer service and shipping my orders out quickly so that fills my time.

But lately, that hasn't been the culprit.  If I'm being totally honest, I've been napping a lot.  What a life right?  Oh, and I went to Puerto Rico with my hunky man and gorgeous kids.

Again, not being totally honest.

Ya see, we've got another human joining the family! :) And we couldn't be happier.

It was actually quite a scary journey as we were told we were going to lose the baby and mommy intuition told me to wait it out.  And what a fighter we have!  Because the baby slowly but surely showed up on ultrasound and is now measuring perfectly on time with a great heartbeat!

So I feel a little bad I've been neglecting parts of my job and that I haven't been designing new things (time to design new things typically goes to time that I now feel sick).  With my previous 2 pregnancies the toilet and I were VERY acquanited (or garbage cans, or just a bag that I could grab fast enough) ... fortunately, the morning sickness is MUCH better with this baby!  Don't know why, but I'll take it!  I still have rough times everyday, but it was literally debilitating with the other two.  Here I was able to actually fly to a gorgeous vacation and two pills helped any queasiness.

Since I haven't been the best blogger / social media business owner, I figured a sale would make make up for it, even if just a little!

The etsy shop recently made it's 10,000th sale.  It was what I originally DREAMED of when my shop started taking off.  I never thought I'd be that lucky.  And I feel SO blessed guys.  SO blessed for my job, for the fact that people come back for seconds and thirds.  I couldn't put in to words how much I appreciate it.

Since new designs are probably going to be a little slower the next few months, enjoy what's there and shop around with a sale!  It's going on until Monday night and discount will automatically be placed at noon today (05.23).  <<----- click there and do some shoppin'!

Have an incredible weekend!

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