the best part of discovering the gender!

My title to this post is only kinda a joke ...  confession time, my name is Cristina and I love decorating nurseries. 

A couple weeks ago we discovered the gender of our third baby.  And after having two incredible and brave girls, we're adding a baby boy to the family!  We are so excited!

Immediately after the ultrasound I went to go buy some baby boy clothes because we have NONE! Girls, we are so covered.  Boys?  I guess the kiddo will be naked. haha!  We quickly discovered there isn't much of inspiring or exciting baby boy clothes, but had some luck at Carters.

Then once my hubby was finally home (he unfortunately can't make it to my doctors appointments due to work! boo!), the nursery planning began!  Hubby and I have liked a Katie Daisy print (she's an INCREDIBLE painter and I have one of her pieces in my girls room) for ages.  We've always said that if we had a baby boy, this print would somehow be in the nursery.  Within a few weeks of our "boy" ultrasound, I ordered this print and it should be on its way soon!

Sleep Under The Stars   -   vertical print

We're doing an under the stars theme so we're thinking a tent, some adventure items, stars, etc.  It's a pretty open-ended theme which we like, and the colors involve some primary colors along with the yellow, navy, and green that my eyes kept going to when I looked up nurseries on pinterest.

We haven't done much other than order this print that's visible to the naked eye, but we've actually spent a lot of time organizing the future baby boy nursery.  Once we totally clear the room out, we'll rearrange the baby furniture that we already have from baby #2 (so it has a unique look) and get started!

So excited! :)

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