Sleep Under the Stars

As I said in my last blog post, the idea of decorating nurseries is just so much fun for me.  I love it!  I love the excitement that comes with it, the challnege (but in a good way), the deadline, and most of all, what you know will come home to that room. :)

When we found out we were having a baby boy, the hubby & I considered quite a few themes.  We thought of science, camping, adventure, and ultimately it all boiled down to the quilt.

We have a quilt that I made when I was nine.  I was what one might call a total tomboy growing up and my Mom did try to give me some feminine traits, including signing me up for quilting.  I made three quilts in total.  I only liked one of them in the end and it was a star quilt with light and dark blue.  For some reason, I always held on to the quilt, it made it through all my spring cleanings and when hubby pulled it out of the closet a few weeks ago he said "if it's a boy, we're using this."

Sure enough, along with the print we reiceved two days ago, we had our starting point.

I've drawn up a little bit of a mood board to get us started.  We've decided on a paint color (gray owl by Benjamin Moore) and have already ordered the teepee.  We found a few nice pieces at Target this weekend and through the weeks, I know we'll make something special for our wonderful boy!

We already have the crib, dresser, and chair from Gloria's nursery and they're all in good condition so we're keeping them!  The little side table and clock are from Target and we purchased those this weekend.  As for the rest, I have some ideas and can't wait to try them out and get started!

I'm about 19 weeks along, so likely half way through my pregnancy (I tend to go quite early but am taking medicine this time to try and make it full-term in my pregnancy).  Want him to stay in there are long as possible, until his due date would be incredible.  This gives us time to make something special, to have his wonderful sisters help (I want to involve their artistry in their some how), and to relish in the bond I feel when he's kicking in my belly.

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