A Shared Girls Bedroom

It's been a while since I've shared some progress on our home!  As I've mentioned before, the hubby and I LOVE DIY projects, decorating a home on a budget, and making it a truly unqiue and special place.  With hubby working really long hours and my being pregnant, these obviously slowed down.  However, we've done quite a few things nonetheless and we're pretty happy with the results!  I always say rooms are never 100% done b/c you can always tweak, always add, always take out, etc.  But the girls room is about 90% done.

Before even discovering we were expecting baby #3, our girls expressed a desire to share a room.  We knew we would be trying for baby #3 soon and gladly gave in to their request!  Sharing a room is so much fun, we knew they'd have a blast!

We thought about painting the walls but truth be told ... we didn't have it in us! When we first moved to the house, we painted the walls the same green we had in our old house.  Turns out that's a horrible idea.  Each space, each room, and each house looks different!  The green in our old house was a soft, sweet muted but fun color for a nursery.  In this house it looked like radioactive nuclear material!  Just petrifying!  We lightened it up and repainted.  Eh.  It looked only half decent.  So, we painted a THIRD time.  Yes, a THIRD time to a very light pink and although it isn't my favorite paint of all time, it was significantly better and we've left it at that.

When we moved in, this is what the room looked like (not our furniture, just the paint and the rest):

3123 Ridge Pass Rd, Little Rock, AR 72227

The paint color was too dark for our tastes and we knew we' want to change that.  The built-ins are divine but you can't tell in the photo above that they were painted a yellow white.  We painted those white and now today, our girls share their room in here! :)

As you can see, our solution was bunk beds!  We bought the bunk beds & fun lamp from Ikea, the curtain from Target, the table and chairs from Ikea, the rug from JC Penney (it was in my younger ones nursery and we just brought it over here instead), and the bedding from Target.

To the sides of the bunk beds (not pictured) is a rolling toy cart and storage solution. That way the girls have plenty of room to play with all those toys in the morning!

I'm not going to lie, our book cases still need lots of organization.  For now, they're mainly used to keep things out of reach of a 2 year old (for isntance, the huge bottle of lotion that she got all over everything a few months ago).  We also have SO many books and there just isn't a pretty way to store tons and tons of beat up books.  But it's a practical thing for the girls right now and I feel that decorating a space shouldn't be for others.  This is the best solution for us, for them, and I'm happy with that!  It's our kind of beautiful.

I made this bunting to go above the mirror since it looked kinda empty.  The "think happy" and "follow your dreams" one were purchased at Altar'd State, a chain that I had never heard of until I saw it at a shopping center here, and the rest was done by yours truly.  The girls loved the fun and bright addition.

There is nothing sweeter than hearing the girls playing in the mornings.  I think a shared room is a total blessing to them.  It's made them closer, it's given them more independence (since they can play together instead of having to come get their parents), and it's given many many bouts of laughter.  Mission accomplished.

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