A Finished Baby Boy Nursery

I am nearly 36 weeks pregnant and unfortunately, was diagnosed with preeclampsia.  Therefore, that means we will have a baby within a week!  I had hoped and prayed we'd make it full-term this go around (I have delivered my other two at 36 weeks), but it wasn't in the cards.  Most importantly, we need to focus on baby boy's health and my health!  The one good news with all of this was we got a little push to put the last finishing touch on the nursery and it's totally done!

Our sleep under the stars nursery kinda turned in to an adventure/ journey nursery and let me tell you, I'm in total love with it!  I wouldn't change a single thing about this room, it's not too theme-y, has great colors, isn't "I'm gonna be a tough boy!" and just lets this wonderful blessing come to a room that HE will make his own!  So blessed!

Without further ado, here's a tour:

I ADORE how our gallery wall came out!  I wanted something other than simply frames (which is gorgeous!  That's what I have in our living room!).  The creativity that this allowed me though was so freeing and fun!  I designed the "hitch your wagon" print and it's located in my shop (just email me at design@laceyfields.com if you want one!  It's $10 for the 8x10 and $14 for the 11x14).  The stitching was all done ourselves (hubby was great for tying knots!  Love those surgical hands, so handy!).  The frame with a photo is hubby's grandpa (baby boy's middle name is in honor of him).  The anchor and lures are also for hubby's Paw Paw (he was a big fisherman and navy man).  My favorite part is probably the calvin & hobbes page.  Hubby is a huge calvin & hobbes fan and that is the last strip ever made.  The last line is "let's go exploring!"  SO perfect for the theme!

This side of the room continued with the theme.  I decided to get teething rails instead of bumpers this time and they're awfully cute.  We kept with the bear-y theme for the bedding and for a crib skirt I just used a 40% off coupon and bought 2 yards of a green fabric at Hobby Lobby.

The mobile was purchased on our baby moon to Crystal Bridges museum in Arkansas.  It's so pretty and unique!

The shelves are simple yet have lots of life to them.  The lures are real ones that Paw Paw gave my husband over 20 years ago!  I did the handwriting on the globe and am ashamed to admit I painted the RV on a Mommy/ daughter date.  It looked cuter in my head! haha  But it's the thought that counts right? ; )

And there you  have it!  Room is all ready, now we just can hopefully keep the baby in there an entire week more.  Can't wait to hold him and rock him and lay him down to sleep for the first time in his room.

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