The Master Retreat

It's been a year and a half in the making, but the hubby & I  have been redoing our master bedroom and attempting to make it our "master retreat." 

It all started with a cushion for inspiration (I typically design by finding a cushion, fabric, or print).  Once that was ordered, we kept tweaking, purchasing, moving, and finally have found a good resting place for our room.  Like I've said before, a room is never done.  So sure, I want to perhaps find a little garden stool, put some style on the dresser and nightstands, and change the artowrk above the nightstands, but if that doesn't happen in the next few months (read: it likely won't b/c this baby is coming in less than 3 months!) then that's ok too! 

In the mean time, we find this room to be exactly what we wanted: OURS.  A retreat for us to relax, to be together, and to sleeep.  We had a few rules when making our master bedroom- calming, no pictures of kids (that's a personal choice we make - it's OUR retreat, not theirs, and I don't mind not having pics of them in just one room), and comfy!

For a little reminder from last time I shared, this is what the bedroom looked like before we moved in:



And this is what it looked like for a REALLY long time ... over 6 months.  A few months ago, I shared this progress and there's a source list in this post.

Since then, we've made two big changes: the wood floors and the carpet!  If you're a man, you might be wondering why I put a carpet and wood floors ... what's the purpose?  That kind of what my husband asked, but he's such a good man and just smiles, gives me a kiss, and eventually does admit I was right in the first place! :)

Today this is what the room is looking like:


Hubby put wood floors throughout the upstairs of our house about a year ago and I don't think he'll ever do the project again! haha That being said, it looks SO good and having him do the manual labor made it the same price as new carpet so it was a win-win.  Installing the wood floors ourselves saved approximately $2,000!  Sure, it took a month to do b/c he works alot.  Sure at one point or another, somebody in the house wouldn't sleep in their room for a week at a time.  But I think it was worth it!  

The carpet is an 8x10 I found on Joss & Main.  The second I saw it, I knew it was the rug I had been looking for.  I've wanted a rug in there forever but hadn't found the right one.  With decorating, I've learned to not buy on a timeline.  You'll likely purchase something you're not crazy about.  I gave this purchase time and it saved us so much money (the rug cost less than $250 which is a great price for an 8x10), made for the perfect touch, and was delivered on our front porch within 3 days of purchase.

If I've left any source off the list, write me and let me know so I can help you find anything!

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